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The Details

At Malden Window Cleaning we use both the traditional method of window cleaning and the more modern Water Fed Pole System.  To ensure the windows are cleaned to the best standard, we will use which of our tools is most suitable. Whilst, for the vast majority of windows we will use the Water Fed Pole, there are occasions where the traditional method of cleaning is best suited.  The most common example is when we do inside window cleaning.  This may seem obvious but we do get asked! We will also use the traditional method for windows that are in a covered area, such as a porch or under a canopy. Front door areas are always cleaned traditionally. The last thing we want is for our customers to walk in or out their front door into a puddle of water! And we do listen to our customers, so if a customer simply prefers a traditional clean on their property then wherever possible and safe to do so, we will do this.  We can offer cleans on a 4, 6, 8 or 12 weekly schedule or simply as a one-off.

Getting A Quote

Initially, we may need to come and have a look at your property.  We do this so we can check that windows are accessible to clean and that we can give you an accurate quote based on what you would like done.  Of course, it also allows us to introduce ourselves and that often helps when you are making a decision on who you want working around your home or business.
Google maps is also a  great tool these days and for some properties we may be able to take a look online and give you a quote.  Although not all of our covered area is mapped!
We will always talk with you to discuss the quote so both ourselves and the customer is clear on what’s needed and what you can expect from us.

What You Can Expect From Our Service

Traditional window cleaning involves the use of ladders to reach the windows.  Using an applicator and squeegee, the windows are cleaned to our usual high standard.  A microfibre cloth is then used to wipe any remaining water and a second cloth used to wipe down the window sills.  Good maintenance of hand tools and fresh soapy water is key to a smear free window.

It may seem a quite straight forward method but there is a skill involved in getting it right and being able to work efficiently through a days work.

Water fed pole systems use pure water (not tap water) to clean the windows.  Pure water is achieved in 3 stages of filtration.  The water is softened, then using reverse osmosis technology the impurities in the water are mostly washed away.  Finally deionised resin is used to polish the water to 99.9% pure before it goes on the glass.  We clean the windows from the ground using a telescopic pole with a brush attached to aggravate the dirt and then rinse them clean and although the windows are left wet, the water will evaporate without leaving a mark.  All framework and sills are cleaned in the process.  We also produce our own pure water that is tested regularly

Water fed pole is the safest form of window cleaning whilst allowing us to continue to keep up the high standards that our customers have come to expect.  It can be used on most types of property and windows, domestic and commercial.

Added advantages and safety of using Water fed Poles:

• Easy access to windows above conservatories or tiled roofs – Eliminating any risk of damage to property.

• Feet on the ground – No chance of falling from height.

• Added privacy – Working from the ground, we won’t be up at the windows.

• Clean frames – All frames and sills cleaned regularly with every clean.

What Is The Outcome

With either method you can expect your windows to be cleaned to a high standard, and we offer a service that you can trust.  We take pride in our work and whether we are working at your home or place of work cleaning windows, we aim to do so with a friendly face and efficient manner.


Kind Words

Windows Look Fantastic!

“Windows look fantastic! Thank you”.

Ms Keep
Stratfield Saye

Always Happy & Chatty

“Malden Window Cleaning always does an efficient job.  I have been using them for years and I am happy with the service they provide!  The staff that come are always happy and chatty”!

Mrs Stamp

I Would Not Use Anyone Else

“The Maldens have been cleaning my windows for 10 years.  They are very professional and friendly.  They also clean inside my conservatory which is a big job and the difference is amazing!  The Maldens also clean our business windows and we always receive a text message to see that we would like them done beforehand.  I would not use anyone else”.

Mrs Rixon

Friendly & Efficient

“The Malden family and their team have been cleaning my windows for many years and I have always been pleased with their work which is friendly and efficient”.

Mrs David

I Always Look Forward To My Windows Being Cleaned

“I always look forward to my windows being cleaned.  Not only do they do a good job but they are a lovely family too.  We always have a chat and a catch up while they work”.

Mrs Bradbury

No Reservations In Recommending

“I have been having this family business clean my windows for many years and can’t fault their work and commitment.  A phone call the day before to ask if it’s ok to clean the windows is so helpful, never fail to arrive on the day.  I have no reservations in recommending Malden Window Cleaning”.

Mr Shipway

I Can’t Recommend Malden Window Cleaning Highly Enough

“I can’t recommend Malden Window Cleaning highly enough.  They are a local family business who are honest, reliable and fairly priced.  The team are friendly and approachable and nothing is too much trouble.  The Maldens have been cleaning our windows for years and will be for many more”.

Mrs Roberts
Lower Earley

Totally Reliable & Courteous

“A totally reliable and courteous window cleaning company who I have used for nearly 20 years. I Would highly recommend them”.

Happy To Recommend

“We have used Malden Window Cleaning for a number of years now.  Firstly at our home, then when we converted an old barn into a wedding venue.  We employ them to keep the windows clean there too.  As a family business ourselves we are happy to recommend the Malden family for any cleaning job”.

Al & Carla
Silchester Farm

Trustworthy & Conscientious

“Malden Window Cleaning has been cleaning my windows on several properties for well over 20 years – some private, some with tenants and they always do end of renovation cleans for me. I have my windows cleaned inside and out about every 6 weeks and I can leave them to it, they are totally trustworthy and conscientious.  They are a good old fashioned family business with excellent working values and take pride in their work.  I would highly recommend”.

Mrs Belcher
Belcher Farms, Hurst.

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