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Our relationship with you

We aim to be as reliable as we can for our customers, after all it’s the customer that has asked us to come and set the schedule.  But we also appreciate the customer being reliable and we will make time in a our schedule for you.  We will give notice by calling or texting a day or 2 before we are due.
While we understand there are occasions that you may not be able to have your windows cleaned, maybe a holiday or building work in progress we do ask that you stick to the schedule that we set up on commencement of cleaning. 
If we are turned away on 2 consecutive attempts to arrange cleaning or on more than 3 times in the space of a year then we reserve the right to cancel the clean, or consider the next clean to be a re-start.  Any future re-start will incur a small additional cost.
If you need to cancel due to moving or any other personal reasons then just let us know!

With this is mind, please also consider our cancellation policy below:


Here at Malden Window Cleaning we understand that sometimes appointments need to be cancelled, however, we regularly receive last minute cancellations resulting in a loss of work which cannot be replaced at short notice.

Should you request us to come to you outside of our normal schedule, we will require full payment at the time of booking. Cancellations made within 2 days of the booking will be non refundable. This applies to customer requests for specific dates, times and additional work at your property.

Unfortunately last minute and same day cancellations disrupts the working day as time has been allocated to meet these specific requests from our customers resulting in a negative effect on the days schedule, personal earnings of our team members and our business as a whole.

We appreciate your continued ongoing support and we will continue to work with our customers to accommodate all needs.

Arranging a specific time of day

Unfortunately, whilst we can confirm which day we will be with you, we cannot be too time specific.  We make calls to many customers on a daily basis, so it will often depend on our route and other confirmations.
Mostly we can advise if it will be in the morning or in the afternoon and you can let us know if you prefer one or the other.

The expectation

Of course, what you expect is clean windows and the water fed pole system is very effective at cleaning general dirt and dust from your windows.  We clean all the window frames and window sills in the process.
Things like builders residue, paint or any type of stickers or adhesive will not be removed through normal cleaning.  Please let us know if your windows are marked in any way so we can allow the time to deal with this.
With the water fed pole, the windows are left wet but will evaporate and dry clear.

Initial or one-off cleans?

For the first clean there may be a one off charge to cover the extra time it takes to get the job right.   We always find the first clean needs that extra time spent as just by the nature of the job, we are getting called because you have dirty windows!
Generally speaking, for one off cleans we will charge more than we do for regular cleans.

The Weather

Working outdoors can be hindered by the British weather.  We work all year round and in all weathers.  There may be times when safety must come first, even in the hot weather we need to consider heat stroke.  If the rain is particularly heavy we won’t be out on those days.  We will continue to work in light rain or showers.

A note about the rain

The rain itself doesn’t cause the windows to be dirty.  Day to day dust and grime makes the windows dirty and when it rains, it disperses the dirt across the glass making them appear dirtier than they were already.  By cleaning the windows and keeping them well maintained it allows the rain water to run freely from the glass.


We aim to offer a regular and reliable service to our customers. If we are to do that then you are likely to see us out on rainy days too.
We pride ourselves on our high cleaning standards anyway, so if we have cleaned your windows (raining or not) and they are not to your full satisfaction then we will happily clean them again, for free!

We’d much rather happy customers so this is our guarantee to you.

There will be days that it’s raining too heavily, so for practical or safety reasons we won’t be out on those days and will re arrange your clean. Otherwise, we will be out offering our usual reliable service. After all, cleaning windows in the rain doesn’t make a difference to the finished
cleanliness of your windows.

Please notify us within 48 hrs if you are not completely satisfied with our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever issue you may have, maybe a missed window or they have not been cleaned to your satisfaction, then please do get in touch.  We are always happy to put right any mistakes we make.

Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment (we will supply details) or cash if this is an easier option for you.

Our service is based on a 4 weekly schedule ( or multiple of) and while we do our absolute best to stick to your chosen schedule, there are factors that could hold us up and we may fall behind.  For example, adverse weather or bank holidays.  Therefore by paying by D/D or standing order, you may end up paying us before we get round to clean your windows.  We do keep an accurate record of all payments so if paying this way is more helpful to you then we will always keep a record of payments and cleans for you address.  The vast majority of our customers simply make the transfer once we have been to clean.

Please just advise us when you make a booking.  Most things we can overcome and we will let you know if anything is a problem.  We may charge extra simply based on allowing time for these occasions.

It’s a personal choice.  We have customers who say there’s not much point doing the outside if you’re not going to do inside, so we do it with every clean and others that just ask us to do it now and again or if they might be home due to holidays etc.

We offer cleans at 4, 6, 8 or 12 weekly intervals.  We can do less often cleans but these will often include a surcharge as we consider the extra time they will take.  Any less than 4 cleans per year will be considered a one off clean and will be priced accordingly.

We aim to accommodate our customers needs wherever possible.  We will discuss with you any reasons behind your choice and explain if we have any reason if we think it can’t be done.

Yes.  We are happy to clean only part of your property if required.  

We will always take the utmost care when working inside someone’s home.  We will use dust sheets to cover anything that we think might get dripped on including carpeted areas.

We have ladders and step ladders of various heights.  We haven’t done a roof yet that’s out of reach!

Our gutter vac has multiple sections and at its maximum can reach up to 34ft, which will do a 3 storey building.  

If you have a garden waste bin or compost then we can use these for what we collect from the gutters.  If there is no alternative then yes, we will take away anything we collect.

Generally speaking, no.  But if a clip needs replacing or an end cap putting back on, or a seal needs joining then we can help with these things.  We can also advise what may need doing if anything needs repairing or replacing.

Cleaning wooden fascias or cladding is not a problem as long as they are well maintained.  If the paint is already flaking then this may become more noticeable once clean.  If you plan any outdoor painting then it is best to have them cleaned first anyway.

No.  Although we can clean buildings up to 60 – 70ft with the water pole system.

Please take a look at our areas we cover page.  If you are within the area, no problem.  If you are a little further afield then please get in touch as we can discuss where you are and if we may be able to help.  With commercial work, we would look at the job in hand to make a decision and discuss your requirements even if this is outside our current area.

From experience, most of our managed properties have their windows cleaned every 2 months.  Not only does this spread the cost for residents but keeps the building well maintained.

We can make arrangements with you such as holding a key or allowing us to have codes if gates or doors need access.  You can be sure your security and privacy is a priority when we look after your building.

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